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Welcome to Buried Pleasures

Be Ye Warned !

Buried Pleasures is a sex education podcast where PollyAnnamazing and her guests discuss issues of sensuality, sexuality, relationships with self and others, and intimate pleasure. If you are easily offended by discussion of sensitive topics, sexual lifestyles, fetishes, kink, intimacy, and pleasure–this may not be the journey for you.

18+ ONLY

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from the podcast

your secrets are safe with us...

All are welcome here regardless of your gender identity, lifestyle, fetishes (we only discuss things that are legal of course), curiosities, fantasies, questions or experiences. We invite you to explore our Buried Pleasures (and maybe some of your own...)
Buried Pleasures is a sex education podcast dedicated to discovering your own pleasure whatever that may look like!
We all have a deep-rooted need for communal support. This sex education podcast is dedicated to providing you with the resources and support you need as you learn to discover your own pleasure for healing and living a life that is full of joy!
This is a safe space. Let’s throw all stigmas out the window as we work to increase our wellness of body and spirit.
what does sex education on the podcast look like?


On the Buried Pleasures podcast we believe sex education should be fun and include:

1. Accurate information: Sex education should provide accurate, up-to-date information about anatomy, reproduction, contraception, STIs, and sexual health. PollyAnnamazing is a Nurse Practitioner and prides herself and sharing accurate information regarding sexual wellness and health!

2. Consent: We believe that consent is sexy and PollyAnnamazing talks in-depth with her guests on what consent looks like and how to recognize and respect boundaries, and how to communicate effectively about sex.

3. Healthy relationships: Our sex education podcast includes in-depth interviews on what healthy relationships look like, including communication skills, respect for oneself and others, and how to identify and avoid abusive or unhealthy relationships.

4. Diversity and inclusivity: We believe that sex education should acknowledge and celebrate the diversity of human sexuality and relationships, and be inclusive of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and expressions.

5. Safe sex practices: Want to know more about safe sex and how to manage and prevent STI's? Join us on the podcast! And check out this episode HERE

6. Emotional aspects: On this sex education podcast we also address the emotional and psychological aspects of sexual activity, including the role of intimacy, pleasure, and personal values.

Overall, sex education should provide comprehensive, non-judgmental information and skills that help individuals make informed decisions about their sexual health and relationships. We hope you find some juicy tidbits on the Buried Pleasures podcast!

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