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Communication With The Captain, The First Mate And The Powder Monkeys

Join PollyAnnamazing and Nurse Papa as they deep dive into the topic of communication, specifically as a couple and with our children. David AKA Nurse Papa gives us an inside look at how this captain runs his ship! Find out what a hardworking nurse, author, podcaster and family man has to do to get a little action in his own quarters.

Find out:

  • How to communicate with your spouse in and out of the bedroom

  • Why HOW you say things matter more than WHAT you say

  • Why it’s important to give our partners freedom and space to be who they are

  • Romance, porn and creating intimacy – what does that look like?

  • Comparing relationships with others’ is it toxic?

About Nurse Papa

Nurse Papa is David Metzger.

David has worked as a pediatric oncology nurse at UCSF Children’s Hospital for twelve years now. The bravery, laughter, perseverance, and the many smiles of the children and their parents who he has worked with have inspired this project .

David’s inspiration in life and art is his wife Kaveena, an asylum attorney with the soul and skill of a master chef, and his two adorable children, Szivika and Dayus, who are still figuring out what they are passionate about.

Grab a copy of David’s Book HERE Find the Nurse Papa Podcast HERE

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