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Blunderbuss Of Love

Join PollyAnnamazing and the talented Jayson Miller, the host of Miller’s Military Moments, as they sail into some rough waters around relationships, communication and having to be away from your significant other for long periods of time.

PollyAnnamazing and Jayson answer such questions as…

  • Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be thousands of miles away from the ones you cherish most?

  • How do you find the time for self love when you have zero privacy?

  • How can you prevent infidelity in a long distance relationship? Is that possible?

Find out all these answers and more in this weeks episode.

About Jayson Miller

Jayson Miller is a Master Sergeant and joined the Army in July of 2001. He served for 20 years and was stationed all over the world. From Army installations in the United States to the sands of Kuwait, Iraq and the Sinai peninsula to the mountains and valleys of Afghanistan. Now he shares his experiences on his podcast Miller’s Military Moments.

Learn more about Jayson HERE


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