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A Different Kind Of SexEd With Shannon Whittington

Join PollyAnna and LGBTQ+ Educator, Shannon Whittington as they discuss sex education for and inclusivity for the LGBTQ+ community.

Find Out:

  • What LGBTQ means

  • What it means to be inclusive, especially in the workplace + healthcare communities

  • Why its important to create a safe environment for EVERYONE regardless of their gender identity or sexual preference

  • How you can join the movement to provide inclusivity and be aware of discrimination

About Shannon

My mission is to empower your organization to be LGBTQ+ inclusive. As an award-winning & certified LGBTQ+ health expert, I provide insight and practical skills for organizations for LGBTQ+ and Diversity & Inclusion. As a gay woman, I recognize this void in many corporations and I am here to offer expert guidance.

Connect with Shannon On LinkedIn HERE

View Shannon’s Website HERE


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