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Guarding The Booty

Join PollyAnnamazing and Sunshine Ryan in another fun and informative episode about honoring your emotions, using playfulness to enhance your life and how to be happy single.

Find out…

  • How to OWN your own pleasure

  • How you can feel “whole” being single and why you don’t need someone else to complete you

  • How to honor your emotions without letting them control you

  • Why playfulness is essential to your nervous system and your mental ability to focus and make decisions

  • What is autonomy and how can we experience that in our lives?

About Sunshine

I came from a very disempowered and shut-down place around my sexuality and femininity. Tom-Boy was what they called me. Over time, I felt more like I was a soul floating unattached to my body. I looked in the mirror and hated who was staring back at me, I stunted my personal growth and couldn’t fully understand or grasp what it meant to be a woman with a creative, sexual, sensual body. So I deny it. With my traumatic background I never felt like I belong, I became, what one would call, a statistically pregnant teen. I thought at the time, that the love I was lacking in my own life, that I would be able to create that missing emotion by starting my own family. I would be able to provide love to a child. I grew up in a very hateful, judgmental racist environment. I am biracial, people didn’t want me to be part of there group. I learned to perform for others instead of being seen as I am. My defense was to befriend and camouflage myself before others could point fingers at me.

Over the years, I have learned to dance with the creation of life, found my melody, and more importantly, I rebirth me.

Connect with Sunshine on her website HERE


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