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Jerry Davies and his Balldo!

Welcome to Buried Pleasures! In today's episode PollyAnnamazing talks with Jerry Davies, Inventor of the Balldo and gives a full explanation of his amazing and fun product that's full of pleasure for both men and women!!

If you haven't heard of the Balldo then welcome to this introduction of an amazing new way to experiment with the male body and pleasure for everyone. Jump on board to see what we dig up during this discussion of a sensational new find for my own personal treasure chest!

Watch the visual explanation with Jerry in the video below or listen to the full podcast episode, thats full of laughs and PollyAnnamazing's own experience of the Balldo!!

A new Era in sex has arrived! We’ve created the world’s first sex toy that will allow you to penetrate your partner with your balls and unleash pleasure that you’ve never experienced before. Let the ballsex revolution begin!


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