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Laurie Handlers And Her Extraordinary Lovers

Today’s guests are Laurie Handlers and her extraordinary lover Michael Gibson – join me as we discuss all things relationships, sex and tantra!

In this episode you will discover…

  • What makes an extraordinary lover?

  • How to create the partnership you’ve been longing for whether you are currently in a relationship or not

  • Why common values matter more than interests and how its the foundation of good relating in a partnership

  • Why relating is what matters…not relationship

  • How to experience sacred sexuality

About Laurie Handlers

Laurie is a Sex Educator, Author, and Sex & Happiness Coach. She has a Masters degree in Education and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology. Her career includes over thirty years as a corporate change consultant, individual empowerment coach and international seminar leader. As a speaker and facilitator, she has taught transformational workshops since 1978 covering topics like how to heal the body, releasing past emotional trauma, stopping the aging process, and reducing stress.


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