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Laying Down the Law

Jump on board with PollyAnnamazing and her guest Jennifer from What I Had Heard Was Podcast as they dig into the ins and out of some comical sex laws still on the books in the US. Just remember to check your local laws to see if you are actually a part of a pirate crew or not!

Listen in below!

About Jennifer

Jennifer a.k.a. “Seeds Medallion”: Is the Employee of the Month for a very Top Secret government program that you are not allowed to know about so stop asking. No, you can NOT see her “badge”. She is multilingual, being fluent in Sarcasm, Trash Talk, Obscenities, Eye Rolling, Mood Swings, and a little bit of Spanish. When not podcasting, she enjoys harassing people on Reddit. Actually, she’s not picky, she’ll harass people anywhere. Donde esta la biblioteque?

Find out more on her website HERE


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