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Pleasure + Your Mental Health with Herbie Mack

Join PollyAnnamazing and Herbie Mack on an emotional journey about mental health, surviving suicide and finding happiness, pleasure and healing. This is NOT an episode you will want to miss!

In this episode...

  • Herbie Mack shares his story of surviving suicide and what helped him heal from depression

  • How to love yourself and use the 5 love languages to increase self-connection

  • How pleasure and knowing what your pleasure is can be healing

  • Healing from trauma and depression

  • The importance of boundaries and how to use boundaries to heal

  • How to communicate effectively in order to build respect and connection in your relationships

Listen in below!

About Herbie Mack

Hey guys! I’m HB, Founder & CEO of Just Believe. I created Just Believe to highlight and remove the stigma surrounding anxiety & depression, particularly among men. I’m a life coach who’s focus is helping goal-oriented men who are struggling to reach their potential by helping them remove the social masks they wear to cover up depression & anxiety.

I struggled with depression for more than 10 years and attempted suicide on more than one occasion. Now, I am using my story and my experience helping others to advocate for mental health awareness and enhance the conversation surrounding mental self-care and ambition.

Connect with Herbie on his website HERE
Find Herbie on Twitter HERE


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