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Sailing In Unchartered Waters With Sunshine

Join PollyAnna and Sunshine Ryan in this delightful (and laughter-filled) conversation about being a mom, a tantrika, navigating the pandemic and filling your life with pleasure!

Find out:

  • How to balance pleasure and responsibility

  • Using pleasure to move through struggle

  • Creating balance during the pandemic

  • Pleasure Practices + Sexual Connection

  • How to find your Sangha (community) as a mom and woman

  • PLUS a behind the scenes look at the lives of 2 busy moms who are also Tantrikas

About Sunshine

I came from a very disempowered and shut-down place around my sexuality and femininity. Tom-Boy was what they called me. Over time, I felt more like I was a soul floating unattached to my body. I looked in the mirror and hated who was staring back at me, I stunted my personal growth and couldn’t fully understand or grasp what it meant to be a woman with a creative, sexual, sensual body. So I deny it. With my traumatic background I never felt like I belong, I became, what one would call, a statistically pregnant teen. I thought at the time, that the love I was lacking in my own life, that I would be able to create that missing emotion by starting my own family. I would be able to provide love to a child. I grew up in a very hateful, judgmental racist environment. I am biracial, people didn’t want me to be part of there group. I learned to perform for others instead of being seen as I am. My defense was to befriend and camouflage myself before others could point fingers at me. Over the years, I have learned to dance with the creation of life, found my melody, and more importantly, I rebirth me.

Connect with Sunshine on her website HERE


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