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The Conscious Coxswain

Join PollyAnnamazing and her guest, Kristopher Lovestone Author of Conscious Cock™, as they discuss intimacy, what it takes to have a lasting and intimate relationship, and so much more! Kristopher wrote his book specifically for heterosexual men that struggle to find a relationship with a woman where they experience intimacy and connection. Today they dive into the book and Kristopher's own personal story of becoming conscious and finding lasting love and partnership.

In this episode find out:

  • Why men struggle to understand women

  • How to find real intimacy in a relationship both physically and emotionally

  • How to be a powerful male without being domineering or feeling emasculated in your relationship with a woman

  • How to last longer in bed

  • PLUS so much more!

About Kristopher Lovestone

Doctors say I know how to guide men to be present with their bodies and their partners…

Tantra experts say I am the big brother you’ve never had….

A brother who hands you the manual to infinite confidence, shares proven techniques to intensify sexual pleasure, and entrusts you with the code to decipher what women want in bed so you can deliver on it with love and respect.

Here’s the thing – I survived 6 divorces as a kid.

I have seen everything that can go wrong when a man can’t claim the full extent of his masculine energy to be a protector, a lover, a father, a husband, and the presence his woman craves!

Find out more about me and my book on my website HERE


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