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What's Your Pleasure | The Music Edition

Join PollyAnnamazing and her guest Javaughn Marshall as they discuss pleasure, music, and so much more! You don't want to miss this fun, enlightening and mood-changing episode!!

Find out:

  • How our circumstances can affect our mood

  • How music can enhance your pleasure, your mood, and help you heal

  • Why how you begin your morning determines how you feel for the rest of the day

  • The importance of being authentic and putting yourself out there creatively

About Javaughn Marshall

Known as Javaughn Marshall or Javvv. I escape through music. The sound may change, the style may shift, but one thing remains...

Javaughn is a musician, a realtor, and host of the Decent Takes podcast

Connect with Javaughn

Find his podcast on Apple Podcasts HERE

Find him on Twitter HERE

Find him on YouTube HERE


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