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Pleasure! The Ordinary + the Extraordinary

Get cozy and tune into this episode with Buried Pleasures host PollyAnnamazing and guest Big Nick from Gag on this podcast! In this episode Nick and PollyAnnamazing discuss simple pleasures, everything from the ordinary to the exxxtraordinary!!

Find out:

  • What ordinary pleasures look like and why they can have such a big impact on our daily lives

  • Going BIG with your pleasure; what does that look like for you?

  • PLUS lots of fun and laughs the whole way through!

About Big Nick

Host/Producer/Booker/Creative Lead of Gag On This Podcast

Being on radio wasn't enough for Big Nick, he wanted to highlight local comedians and the Sacramento comedy scene. He books the guests and researches topics for the podcast, he produces all episodes, and stresses out constantly! Also, he came up with the name of the podcast so if you like it, let him know! If you hate it, don't tell him...he is very fragile. When he isn't doing the podcast you can find him on PlayFM Sundays at 2pm or tweeting nonsense.

Connect with Nick on Twitter HERE


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