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Story Time with the Whisky 7 Project

This episode is full of stories about camels, strip clubs, strange (but fun) sex stuff and tons of F-Bombs! Come share in the laughs as PollyAnnamazing, Howard + Stephen swap crazy stories about pleasure, fun and life!

About the Whisky 7 Project

Welcome to the official podcast of the Whisky 7 Project. Hi, I'm your host Howard Dodge, but you can call me HoDo, and together with my friend Stephen we founded the Whisky 7 Project. We believe that the world is too full of serious, heavy stuff. We wanted to divorce ourselves from the things that divide people. We wanted to go back to the days where we listened to 80’s Rock Hair Bands while drinking beer sitting on the tailgate of a crappy truck at the end of the local airport runway. Thus the Whisky 7 Project was born. So, grab a beer, there’s some over there in the cooler; and join in.

Listen in on Spotify HERE

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