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Pleasure and the Paranormal

Your pleasure in life can also be your passion. Today PollyAnnamazing speaks with guests Josh and Jamey who are Paranormal investigators and researchers. This passion they chose to explore is also their pleasure in life. They not only actively seek out paranormal events, but they also talk about their experiences in their podcast "Paranormal Peeps".

In today's episode find out:

  • What combining your passion and your pleasure looks like

  • What its like to team up with your partner in everything

  • What pleasure looks like for Josh and Jamey

  • What EVP is

  • What a Paranormal Investigation is like and lots of little secrets about Josh and Jamey's life as paranormal researchers

Watch the interview below:

About Josh and Jamey

The peeps from Paranormal Peeps podcast discuss all things paranormal from cryptids and ghosts to urban legends. Venturing into types of hauntings, and personal experiences while investigating. Join them as they share their experiences and thoughts on all things paranormal.

Find them on Apple Podcasts HERE

Connect with them on Facebook HERE

OR on Twitter HERE


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